Van Besouw 2610

Van Besouw 2610 offers ultimate design, practical composition, and great comfort. Soft, shiny, and comfortable with the benefits of polyamide: durable and easy to maintain.

  • 2610 = the ultimate comfort. The polyamide ultra-soft yarn gives a high degree of pettability. The degree of shine of the yarn gives a special optical effect to the carpet.
  • Highly suitable for intensive use due to the combination of polyamide fiber and strong fiber bonding.
  • Polyamide
    • High-strength fiber
    • Easy to clean
    • Long lifespan
  • Very versatile
  • Very suitable as a made-to-measure rug
    • Carpets are standard equipped with comfortable non-slip fleece backing

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2610-170, 2610-220, 2610-240, 2610-350, 2610-370, 2610-390, 2610-410, 2610-615, 2610-620, 2610-625, 2610-630, 2610-640, 2610-650


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