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Jabo Carpet offers a wide array of products, including woven carpets made from sisal and seagrass.

In 1953, Jabo Carpet began making sisal carpets, and in Europe, they grew to the point that “Jabo” became to “Sisal” what “Kleenex” is to “tissue”. Fibers are derived from the agave plant, which not only makes a carpet durable enough for heavy foot traffic, but also adds value by being sustainable, biodegradable, and healthy for indoor air quality. The carpets are woven into numerous patterns and colors and some designs are even available as carpet tiles. Over time, Jabo also added other natural fiber qualities, such as wool designs. Request samples and see how these ever-trendy, robust natural carpets fit into your project.

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    Feel The Nature

    In addition to their famous sisal carpet, Jabo has expanded over the years to include more natural, sustainable materials.
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    Comfortable, tightly woven or generously luxurious? The Jabo collection offers a range of possibilities. Atmosphere and experience can vary. Always assured of a natural appearance: 100% wool.


    Jabo likes to use sustainable product techniques for other materials that they call “blends”. Synthetic materials, or a mix with wool, for example. Always the right sustainable choice. 100% responsible materials that can also last a long time.


    Pure comfort! A collection of the softest carpet. A delight to the feet. And of course made from the best, sustainable materials. Jabo immediately translates durability into sustainability because high-quality products help to reduce waste. 


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