Turf Flooring

Colorful. Realistic. Durable. Multipurpose. Sound Dampening.

Turf flooring Edel Grass NYC Installation

Turf flooring is a unique flooring option for multipurpose spaces, both indoors and outdoors. Summit International Flooring is proud to partner with various turf producers so that you can find the perfect turf for your project.

We currently provide four options for artificial turf flooring: Edel Grass Colorful, Edel Lounge Grass, GrassPartners Universal12 colorful turf, and Edel Unlimited artificial turf. Each of these options offers unique benefits for your project, whether you need colorful turf for commercial landscaping or a safe flooring option for a children’s play area. Click here to learn more about Edel Grass.

Can’t decide? Summit International Flooring wants to partner with you to help you find the perfect turf flooring for your unique project. No two projects are the same, so we will bring a customized approach to providing the best flooring to any space you have.


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  • Edel Grass Colorful Lilac


  • Edel Grass - Lounge


  • GrassPartners Universal12 Colorful Collection


  • Edel Grass Unlimited



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