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Summit International Flooring is well-known for our collection of unique & luxury products, but we are also proud to source sustainable and eco-friendly flooring from around the world. Not only is our company dedicated to finding healthy, sustainable flooring solutions, but our vendors are committed to developing healthy products from every angle – from the use of recycled materials to PVC-free to ethical manufacturing practices. If you’re looking for beautiful, healthy, sustainable, and eco-friendly options, you can find them at Summit International Flooring.


Jabo Carpets revolutionized the flooring industry with their groundbreaking creation, the renowned sisal carpet. This innovative product was crafted using a blend of coconut and hemp yarns, marking a significant milestone for the company. Over time, Jabo Carpets expanded their range to include an array of materials and combinations, including premium options like 100% wool and seagrass. Despite these additions, their unwavering passion for natural materials endures as the driving force behind their brand.

Jabo Carpets is committed to utilizing eco-friendly and sustainable resources, a devotion to natural and sustainable materials that sets Jabo apart. Whether it’s the timeless allure of sisal or the luxurious warmth of wool, you can be sure they prioritize the use of environmentally friendly elements in all their collections.

Learn more about their sustainable flooring on their website here.

Jabo 1637
  • Jabo 1425-610

    Jabo 1425

  • Jabo 1426-630

    Jabo 1426

  • Jabo 1428-530

    Jabo 1428

  • Jabo 1429-530

    Jabo 1429

  • Jabo 1430-510

    Jabo 1430

  • Jabo 1431

    Jabo 1431

  • Jabo 1432

    Jabo 1432

  • Jabo 1433-010

    Jabo 1433

  • Jabo 1434

    Jabo 1434

  • Jabo 1621-025

    Jabo 1621

  • Jabo Carpets 1623-015

    Jabo 1623

  • Jabo Carpets 1625-615

    Jabo 1625



Jacaranda Carpets has sustainable carpet made of naturally sustainable materials, such as wool and tencel. They are proud to have joined the UN Race to Zero Campaign via the SME Climate Hub and in doing so has committed to half greenhouse gas emissions by 2030 and reach net zero by 2040. This protocol requires them to publicly report annual Scope 1 and 2 emissions which include all Jacaranda’s purchases of fuel, energy, and refrigerants, you may view them here. They are putting in place concrete plans to reduce our emissions year after year.

Ethical Labor Practices

“Handmaking floorcoverings is extremely labor intensive and we at Jacaranda need to be sure that everyone concerned is well treated, and that no children are involved in our production. For this reason, we have for many years supported GoodWeave and our factories never know when GoodWeave’s inspectors may arrive.”

GoodWeave was founded in 1994 by Indian activist Kailash Satyarthi and his international organization has worked tirelessly to eradicate child labor from production via its unique labelling scheme, which includes independent, unannounced producer inspections, monitoring and certification.  Learn more on Jacaranda’s Website |  Visit

Jacaranda Carpets Natural Weave Hexagon Grey
  • Jacaranda Carpets Agra Oyster


  • Jacaranda Carpets Almora Baltic


  • Jacaranda Carpets Arani Kapok


  • Jacaranda Carpets Chatapur Marine and Grey


  • Jacaranda Carpets Chatra Putty + Cream


  • Jacaranda Carpets Chennai Ammonite + Horseradish


  • Jacaranda Carpets Harrington Harrington wool carpet


  • Jacaranda Carpets Heyford Bryony


  • Jacaranda Carpets Holcot Nickel


  • Jacaranda Carpets Jaisalmer Woad + Night + Artemisia


  • Jacaranda Carpets Jaspur_Heron + Vellum + Mist


  • Jacaranda Carpets Kasia Snow




“We are taking on new ecological and healthy living challenges – our ambitious vision is to reconcile social, economic, and ecological concerns. That is why we consistently focus on sustainability and Made in Germany quality. Ecology has been firmly anchored in OBJECT CARPET’s corporate DNA for over 40 years. We live and breathe environmental awareness, which is reflected in our sustainable carpet, and take action with regard to materials, production, and disposal. Our aim is to produce high-quality, healthy, and sustainable carpeting, tiles, and rugs without leaving an ecological footprint.

All OBJECT CARPET eco-friendly flooring coverings ensure a healthy indoor climate. Our goal in developing new products is to create sustainable, healthy floor coverings. Today, we can proudly say that OBJECT CARPET produces carpets that are not only completely free of PVC and bitumen but also avoid all components that pose a health risk. Thus, carpets provide a tangible reason to breathe a sigh of relief: they measurably improve indoor air quality, bind fine dust and – in contrast to hard floors such as stone, laminate and parquet – demonstrably reduce the amount of fine dust in the air by more than 50%.” – OBJECT CARPET

Read more about OBJECT CARPETS pledge to sustainable flooring on their website.

Object Carpet Springles Eco
  • Object Carpet Allure Sandy 1002

    Allure ♻️


    Arctic ♻️


    Canyon ♻️

  • OBJECT CARPET Mediterraneo Capri Sabbia Natural Border

    Capri ♻️

  • Object Carpet Cryptive Black Earth 1892

    Cryptive ♻️

  • OBJECT CARPET Deal X Feel 1052

    Deal X Feel ♻️


    Dune ♻️

  • Object Carpet Eco Solo Azur 7966

    Eco Solo ♻️

  • Object Carpet Factum Special Night 6622

    Factum ♻️

  • Object Carpet Fine Lizzard 807

    Fine ♻️

  • Object Carpet Fishbone Marron 703

    Fishbone ♻️


    Forest ♻️

OBJECT CARPET Mediterraneo Rodi Sabbia


A Versatile Rug Collection for Indoor and Outdoor Use

Introducing MEDITERRANEO, a versatile rug collection jointly developed by Matteo Thun and Antonio Rodriguez. This durable and weather-resistant collection combines the essential elements of design with Mediterranean aesthetics, offering a robust yet supple rug reminiscent of rattan. Made from recycled plastics, MEDITERRANEO showcases a natural look and authentic feel while being fully recyclable. Its sustainable production process significantly reduces CO2 emissions, making it an environmentally responsible choice. With its beautiful texture and timeless appeal, MEDITERRANEO brings nature-inspired design to both indoor and outdoor spaces, providing a durable, functional, and sustainable flooring solution.

OBJECT CARPET Mediterraneo Catalog

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  • OBJECT CARPET Mediterraneo Capri Sabbia Natural Border

    Capri ♻️

  • OBJECT CARPET Mediterraneo Menorca Talco | Natural Border

    Menorca ♻️

  • OBJECT CARPET Mediterraneo Milo Sabbia

    Milo ♻️

  • OBJECT CARPET Mediterraneo Rodi Sabbia

    Rodi ♻️



New Mark Carpet Vol. 1 is a luxurious collection of 100% New Zealand wool, a natural and sustainable material with many benefits, such as:

  • Wool is very durable and naturally hypoallergenic & stain-resistant.
  • Wool improves indoor air and creates healthier working and living environments. It has been estimated that wool carpets can continue purifying indoor air for up to 30 years.
  • Natural wool eco-friendly carpet is naturally fire resistant with a lower ignition temperature than all other carpet materials.
  • Wool is also biodegradable.
  • Wool is a natural insulator that keeps your house warm and makes it an energy-efficient investment.
  • Wool is also sound-dampening and will cushion the home against echoes and noise.
New Mark Carpets Vol. 1 Delta Cream

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  • New Mark Carpet Augusta White


  • New Mark Carpet Chateau Grey


  • New Mark Carpets Vol. 1 Delta Blue


  • Mantle

  • Plato

  • New Mark Carpets Vol. 1 Renaissance White


  • New Mark Carpets Vol. 1 Skyline Steel Grey


  • Sojonia

  • Tweed

  • Venetian




The cork oak forests are well-adapted to the semi-arid regions of southern Europe, preventing desertification and providing the perfect habitat for many animal and plant species, including some rare and endangered species. Preserving the cork oak forest areas, and the cork’s economic viability, is essential to maintain biodiversity, avoiding desertification, and promoting regional social stability. According to WWF, around one hundred thousand people in southern Europe and north Africa, directly and indirectly, depend on cork oak forests.

Cork production is assured with new plantations every year. Trees are never cut down or removed without strong government intervention, which prohibits this activity. Portugal, which produces more than 50% of the world’s cork, has been particularly careful with this resource.

The role of cork in preventing global warming is significant. The cork bark of the tree regenerates itself after harvesting and it is known that a harvested cork tree absorbs 3 to 5 times more carbon. A recent study indicated that Portuguese cork forests can absorb 4,8 million tons of carbon each year and it is estimated that Mediterranean cork forests can absorb over 14 million tons of carbon per year.

The cork industry itself is truly eco-efficient. All cork is used, not one gram of cork is wasted. Cork by-products are used in different products (eco-friendly flooring, decorative items, automobile industry…), and recycling (post-industrial and post-consumer) is a common practice. Even cork dust is used to generate energy.

Jabo 1637




Elegance Recycled Leather

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  • Elegance Recycled Leather



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