Van Besouw 4403

4403 is made from the beautiful yarn half wool, half goat hair. Developed in a solid flat weave to allow the material to show its full natural beauty. A jute back completes the natural feeling that 4403 evokes. Delightful simplicity.

  • A strong combination: wool with goat hair. In addition, the goat hair adds an extra dimension to the natural look of this carpet.
  • The production method says it all: flat weaving. A tightly woven carpet and therefore very versatile.
  • Combination yarn
    • Natural wool material
    • Matte look
    • Goat hair is strong and strengthens the natural supply
    • Long lifespan
  • Very suitable as a made-to-measure rug
    • Rugs are standard equipped with comfortable non-slip fleece backing
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4403-003, 4403-200, 4403-305, 4403-330, 4403-350, 4403-420, 4403-430, 4403-501, 4403-510, 4403-525, 4403-606, 4403-610, 4403-615, 4403-625


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