According to Pantone, we might be seeing more purple in 2018.

In the interior design world, the New Year is more about style predictions than making resolutions. Which design trend will make it big in the next year, and which will turn out to be just a fad? In terms of our own predictions, we are certain that high-quality and luxury flooring will never go out of style. The only question is, what color flooring will people be looking for? Well according to Pantone, purple might be the hottest color in 2018!

Since Pantone is the color expert, we trust them when they say that their Ultra Violet color is going to be big! Therefore, we have decided to embrace the trend and highlight some of our purple flooring!  Although it might seem like an unusual color choice for flooring, it can actually provide a lot of beneficial attributes. In fact, purple communicates in a very positive way. Reports have shown that this color has the power to uplift spirits, calm nerves, and even encourage creativity. However, as a combination of both red and blue, it is neither warm nor cool. Yet at the same time, it is simultaneously warm and cool. If you were to expand upon that notion, you will learn that purple embodies the balance of red’s stimulating qualities and blue’s calming ones.

Not only are we likely to see purple used more in homes and residential apartments, but workplaces as well. Deep purples can be used to convey luxury, comfort, and relaxation in executive spaces while lighter purples can be used to soften up spaces with darker colors. With the help of the right color in your work environment, stress and depression can be reduced and replaced with a sense of calmness and happiness.

Purple Flooring:

Regardless of where this color will be used in the upcoming year, we are certain we have the flooring to fit any design. Ranging from soft and luxurious carpets, to durable and playful rubber tiles, purple is King!

  1. Jacaranda Carpets  – Satara : Damson
  2. OBJECT CARPET  – Silky Seal : Pearl Purple
  3. Van Besouw – 6501350
  4. PRISM : Plum Purple
  5. Bentzon Carpets  –  Beta : 670167
  6. Edel Grass  – Colorful : Lila
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