Not all carpets are created equal.  Too many flooring manufacturers duplicate what their competitors are doing, and catalogs become boring.  Summit International Flooring prefers innovation over duplication.

Granorte Twist Green

Granorte Twist Green

We scour the Earth searching for flooring products that get us excited from a design standpoint. Western Europe regularly delivers on this. Then, we learn about the product and the companies that create the product.  We build relationships over years, prior to bringing brands into the USA.  Before you see products from us, we are experts on the physical machinery being used and we have learned the organizational set-up that services the products.  We learn the character of ownership too.

Further, if for commercial use, we test to ASTM standards and create HPD’s.  In short, we do the homework to assure products will meet the application, and service will meet your expectation.  By the way, if we do not find unique product, but see the place for it, we develop our own products as well.

Rubberazzo Pinata 5881

Rubberazzo Pinata 5881

We want your clients to say, “Wow”, and then come back to work with you again. We are always aware that we work for the designer!

When you follow Summit International Flooring, you will see more than just room scenes.  You will see links to our streamed show SUMMIT LIVE!, where we interview industry professionals  such as designers, principles of design firms, project managers, and company owners.  We keep our community in touch with each other so we can all continue to learn and connect.

Granorte Bark Wall

Granorte Bark Wall Covering

Whether products are carpet, resilient, organic, handmade, or created on machines, we do not target only one segment.  We target differentiation.  If you do not want your projects to look like recycled concepts, if you want to specify luxury, and if you want to partner with a company who considers itself a “service company that happens to offer flooring products”, then you should consider following Summit International Flooring.


The following blog was written by Summit International Flooring’s National Sales Director, Marc Becker.

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