Designers can create healthier environments with WELLTEX, the innovative carpet tile base from OBJECT CARPET.

Carpet tiles have never been this healthy! Free of bitumen, latex, and PVC, the innovative WELLTEX carpet tile base minimizes emissions and odor. In addition, it is lightweight to transport, flexible, easy to install, and has high quality acoustic properties. Although you might not be able to see the health aspects of WELLTEX, OBJECT CARPET GmbH believes you will certainly notice it!

One of the highlights of this carpet tile backing is the fact that WELLTEX is made using recycled materials. Thus, it is very environmentally friendly and has particularly effective acoustic benefits. In addition, WELLTEX is easy to install, with customized shapes, sizes and colors for orders of 200 square meters or more, and is proudly made in Germany. Furthermore, WELLTEX is now available as an option for OBJECT CARPET’s entire collection of carpet tiles.

With the introduction of WELLTEX, OBJECT CARPET has now set an important standard for our health and for the environment.


“We care about more than just the visible surface of our flooring. The entire product matters to us,says Head of Development and Managing Director, Lars Engelke. After six years of intensive development work, we are delighted to present the new tile coating ‘WELLTEX’. WELLTEX is 30 percent lighter, extremely flexible and easy to install, simple to cut and work with. What is more, every layer of these carpet tiles; from the wear surface down to the woven backing and the way the threads and filaments are attached, including adhesives and insulating fleece; consists largely of low-emission recycled materials. That has enabled us to develop a product that is completely bitumen-free, latex-free and PVC-free. We are also minimizing our environmental footprint since the new product is so light to transport.”


Since WELLTEX is completely bitumen-free, PVC-free, and latex-free, the product itself is particularly low in odor and doesn’t produce any harmful emissions. This is guaranteed by the Blue Angel test certificate, which is widely recognized among environmentalists and is only granted to a product after an independent jury and evaluates the entire life cycle of a product. Standards for certification are significantly higher than the legal requirements.

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OBJECT CARPET’s products also fulfill the requirements for use in LEED and DGNB certified buildings, helping to meet the internationally recognized standards for environmentally friendly, resource-efficient, and sustainable construction. In addition, all of their carpet flooring solutions are certified as being made from low-allergen materials, as tested by the TÜV (German Technical Inspection Association), and are labelled “suitable for allergy sufferers.”

In short, WELLTEX does not only perform well, but a good portion of it is made from recycled materials. For example, the visible upper surface and the woven base of their beautiful Places of Origin range, made from ECONYL®-yarn, contains 100% recycled fibers and is fully recyclable after use. Production of ECONYL® uses 15% less water than for traditional yarns, and greenhouse gas emissions are reduced by 85%, while organic waste is reduced by 80%. Furthermore, all resulting surplus raw materials are collected, sorted and returned in full to the product manufacturing cycle.