Save money without sacrificing quality with our TWO-STEP backing process.

Our TWO-STEP backing is the solution you’ve been searching for! Created with our unique lamination technology, Summit International Flooring’s TWO-STEP backing provides clients with a cost-efficient option that allows them to get what they want but for less! For example, if they are looking to update their commercial areas with a colorful, more durable surface, they should use this process. In fact, our TWO-STEP backing is the ideal choice for high-traffic commercial and retail areas, as it provides high traction and superior sound reduction. In other words, the TWO-STEP process is cost-effective and innovative!

To start, we take the color of your choice and factory laminate it to a SBR (recycled rubber) backing. Afterward, a water jet will cut it to form pristine square edges, ensuring beautiful results.  When completed, you will have the flooring thickness you want, while keeping to the budget you have set. For example, if you need an 8 mm thick floor, you could use a thin layer (4 mm) of EPDM and add a TWO-STEP backing of 4mm recycled rubber. As a result, this will be more cost-effective than an 8 mm homogeneous floor all made of EPDM. Plus, the TWO-STEP backing can also save on adhesive and installation costs.

Please note, different thicknesses can be discussed in order to determine what the right combination for your project is.

When is TWO-STEP the right product to offer?

• Cost savings are needed on a project, but the color reduction is not an option.
• When commercial and sports projects require no glue installation.
• When high-color interlocking sport or commercial flooring is required, but budget is also a factor.

Which collections are offered with the TWO-STEP backing?

• Kaleidoscope
• Triathlon 800


• High traction
• Stain resistant
• Sound reducing
• High recycled content

Best Applications:

• Projects with access flooring systems
• Retail applications where a thicker product is required because of rolling traffic
• Commercial fitness facilities where high color is preferred
• Residential fitness – high color at a lower cost
• Corporate / Hospitality – fitness areas, staff break rooms
• LEED projects – high color with high recycled content

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