Sustainability: More Than a Buzzword

Sustainability isn’t just a trendy phrase; it’s a vital shift in our cultural mindset. While our planet boasts abundant resources, none are infinite. In the realm of architecture and design, sustainability holds particular significance. This line of work involves copious materials, and alarmingly, many low-cost options that are the least eco-friendly and degradable, contributing to a substantial carbon footprint. Regardless of beliefs on the cause, global shifts are already detrimentally impacting people’s lives. Yet, there’s hope – by selecting the most sustainable materials and embracing innovation, we can help to counteract these challenges.

Introducing Summit International Flooring: Championing Earth-Friendly Interior Finishes

Summit International Flooring, and the exclusive brands we represent in North America, are leading the way towards ecologically friendly materials with minimal or zero carbon footprint. Let’s dive into two prime examples of this commendable endeavor.

OBJECT CARPET: Redefining Sustainable Flooring

OBJECT CARPET, a vanguard of sustainability, has collaborated with Niaga to craft the world’s inaugural monocarpet – NEOO. NEOO sets an impressive precedent by utilizing PET polyester for both its fiber and backing. Unlike conventional methods involving latex, these components are melded through a heat process, resulting in a carpet comprised of 98% recyclable material. The binding agent in this innovative carpet? Also polyester. A unique Velcro installation system ensures easy updates and complete recycling. Remarkably, Aquafil’s upcoming recycling plants will facilitate this process, further advancing eco-friendly practices.

Anticipating the future, OBJECT CARPET is gearing up for duo carpets, featuring recycled nylon 6.6 yarn and PET polyester backing. This ingenious design maintains the heat process, allowing simple separation for recycling. The industry’s giants are taking note, heralding an imminent transformation. Explore the innovative NEOO and learn more about OBJECT CARPET’s sustainability initiatives at

OBJECT CARPET NEOO recycled carpet

GRANORTE CORK: A Legacy of Earth-Friendly Excellence

Granorte, a family-owned enterprise with over 50 years of commitment to the Earth, champions sustainability through cork flooring and wall tiles. Leveraging leftover cork waste from wine stopper production, Granorte ingeniously repurposes waste for energy and exquisite products. Unlike wood flooring, which necessitates tree felling, cork originates from the bark of cork trees, collected every nine years. With lifespans exceeding 200 years and stringent government oversight in Portugal, Spain, and Africa, cork proves an exemplar of sustainability.

Cork isn’t just kinder to the environment; it surpasses wood in cost-efficiency, comfort, noise reduction, safety, and appearance retention. Moreover, in the era of heightened awareness about human health in built environments, cork emerges as a healthier alternative to vinyl. Granorte cork offerings span natural aesthetics, digital prints, and painted designs, all aligned with LEED platinum criteria. Discover Granorte‘s rich heritage and unwavering sustainability commitment at

Granorte Recolour colorful cork flooring

Beyond Flooring: Summit International’s Holistic Approach

Summit International Flooring extends its dedication to sustainability and indoor air quality through an array of renewable products. With over two decades of North American product differentiation, we prioritize our Earth’s well-being. Our involvement in pioneering HPD’s with Google’s Portico system and our current provision of HPD’s, EPD’s, and ASTM testing for commercially oriented items underscore our earnest commitment.

Summit International Flooring Sustainable

We Care

About Design, Sustainability, and You

At Summit International Flooring, our care transcends aesthetics. We are deeply committed to design, sustainability, indoor air quality, and human health. Visit our website for more insights, and don’t hesitate to reach out with inquiries. By choosing our products, you’re not just making a design statement – you’re actively shaping a brighter future for generations to come.

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