Sound-dampening flooring is becoming a more strategic choice as open-space offices become more popular. These open spaces allow for a less claustrophobic feeling than traditional offices and more opportunity for cross-collaboration, but they come with their own problems. For instance, these areas are prone to more noise. Sound-dampening flooring can help reduce this issue and create a cohesive, welcoming space for employees.

Sound Dampening Option One: Dura Wood

Dura Wood provides sound control and improved ergonomics. The recycled rubber underlayment and range of colors make Dura Wood the perfect option for large spaces to get that classic wood flooring look with a quiet floor that is also easily cleaned.

Dura Wood Buffalo beech sound dampening

Dura Wood
Buffalo Beech

Option Two: Granorte Cork

Granorte cork flooring has countless benefits on top of being sound-absorbing. Cork is naturally antimicrobial, is a sustainable material, and is durable. Granorte prints these cork floorings in a wide array of different patterns. If you want your sound-dampening flooring to fit a rustic, modern, or any other theme, Granorte is sure to provide. In addition, Granorte has an amazing range of wall covering that will add sound and thermal benefits.

Granorte Tatami Natural Sound Dampening

Granorte Tatami
Natural 023-000

Option Three: RUBBERAZZO®

If your sound dampening needs some unique flooring, our RUBBERAZZO® is for you. This EPDM rubber is modeled after terrazzo and is odor-free! Similar to the other rubber flooring collections we offer, RUBBERAZZO® is durable, slip-resistant, and sound absorbent, making it perfect for application in high-traffic applications. Furthermore, RUBBERAZZO® is resistant to wear and tear of heavy traffic loads, and its cushioned design also prevents fatigue of employees as they walk. RUBBERAZZO® is available in understated and bright color mixtures, perfect for branding or setting the tone.

rubberazzo® Install Prosper Sound Dampening

Rubberazzo Install

For any project that requires sound dampening and style, contact us for the perfect solution!

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