Carpet planks will allow you to design with ease!

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Summit International Flooring has a wide range of carpet and flooring options to work with any design and every client’s style. But we noticed there was something missing – printed carpet planks! We knew that there was a demand so in working with OBJECT CARPET we are proud to introduce PLANKX.

PLANKX are 10” x 40” printed nylon carpet planks. With designs that range from traditional to contemporary, there are unique aesthetics for many different environments.

For example, now you can have the look of polished concrete, but with both sound absorption and slip resistance that nylon carpet offers.  And should a plank ever become damaged, just like with carpet tiles, a plank is easily replaced.

PLANKX creates a unique atmosphere in any location that it is used in –most notably, hotels, offices, or shops. It’s a strong product that can withstand the heaviest traffic, with high walking comfort, & room acoustics optimization.

There are 7 designs options to choose from:

Block, Industrial, Route, Surface, Textile, Timber, and Transfer!

1. Block – Rustic Vitality or Modern Cool

The Block design gives a space the look of stone and concrete.

2. Industrial – Creative Eye-Catcher

Inspired by technology, graphics, and art, the designs are accented with striking forms and bold color schemes.

3. Route- The Clear Line

If a space concept needed a clear line then the striped designs of Route would get the job done. They are dynamic and trend-setting.

4. Surface – Strong Structures

This category surprises with surface optics, which give a new interpretation to the textile floor design.

5. Textile- Looped or Velour?

You’ll have to look twice at the Textile designs, as they offer the look of a cut and loop tip shear, all with the user-friendliness of velour.

6. Timber – A Wood Floor?

This textile floor also creates a rustic wood look, again with sound dampening and slip resistance.

7. Transfer – Transitioning from one to the next

These colorful striped designs change into a monochrome square look and vice versa. The tiles can be laid in 6 different layouts, and new and custom looks can be created by mixing and matching patterns and styles!