RUBBERAZZO is the new and improved version of traditional terrazzo flooring!

Over the last decade or so, Summit International Flooring has become synonymous with unique and luxury flooring solutions. To that point, we are excited to announce that we have expanded our repertoire of phenomenal flooring options once more! Introducing our newest rubber series, RUBBERAZZO! Designed to mimic the beauty of traditional terrazzo tiles, RUBBERAZZO is as durable as it is beautiful.

Similar to the other rubber flooring collections we offer, RUBBERAZZO is durable, slip-resistant, and sound absorbent, which makes it perfect for application in commercial and residential spaces. Furthermore, RUBBERAZZO is resistant to wear-and-tear of heavy traffic loads and its cushioned design can also prevent fatigue which is generally associated with standing too long on a hard surface.

In addition, RUBBERAZZO is comprised of decorative EPDM rubber in three different sized chips, making a sustainable flooring solution! Thus, RUBBERAZZO is FloorScore Certified and has a HPD that is avaliable for use in LEED Projects.

So if you’re looking for a healthy and unique flooring solution for your home gym, a commercial office, or retail store, take a look at RUBBERAZZO! With a wide array of colors to chose from, we are confident that you’ll find a color that suits your style!

Interested in ordering samples? Simply visit our Rubberazzo product page!

Coming soon to a SIF Representative near you!

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