Our rubber flooring is the best choice for your next design!

At Summit International Flooring, we are dedicated to providing our clients with the best flooring products and customer service available. In an effort to meet all the needs of our clients, we offer flooring that is well-designed for every purpose. We are proud to offer a variety of high-quality, attractive athletic flooring and multi-purpose flooring products that go beyond the standard institutional black by offering colors and styles that have a decorative appeal.

Athletic flooring and multi-purpose flooring is designed for areas where traditional flooring just will not do. Gyms, children’s play areas, health clubs, fitness rooms, athletic arenas, and other active spaces require flooring that is durable and resistant, but still aesthetically pleasing. Our OLYMPIC Series, for example, includes 25 colors to meet any design need. Fun colors like “Pumpkin Pie” and “Lazy Lagoon” have made this series a favorite of designers. It is resistant to scuffing and wear, making it a great choice for any active space. In addition, we have our colorful PRISM Line and our gorgeous EARTH Line. Created with both cork and rubber, these two collections bring a beautiful new look to the world of rubber floors.

Rubber flooring for every look:

Of course, designers and architects looking for a more traditional look can certainly find it in our collections. Our Kaleidoscope Series also offers unique color options in a virgin rubber and recycled rubber flooring product. Environmentally friendly and resilient, it’s hard to resist the allure of Kaleidoscope’s “Calypso Blue” and “Banana Pepper”. Other fun colors available in durable sports flooring include the “Shamrock” and “Camouflage” colors of the Marathon Series. The Marathon Series is also comprised of rubber, with a composition of 85% Virgin EPDM rubber and 15% recycled rubber to make it extra-resistant to scratches and indentations.

For those designing children’s spaces, the Kidz Kollection provides the optimal children’s flooring experience. Durable and stylish, this flooring comes in six fun, kid-approved designs like “Purple Dinosaur” and “Apple Crisp Green” and is impact-reducing to prevent injury. It’s also bacteria resistant and partially made with recycled rubber.  Our Muscle Collection also provides fun and safe options often used in playrooms, as well as traditional fitness and retail spaces. However, when it comes to the best rubber flooring, it’s important to look at our Triathlon 800 Series. This series features solid-colored virgin rubber flooring that offers borders, checkered patterns, and other designs.