OBJECT CARPET is helping to make a difference by recycling!

It has been reported that over four billion pounds of carpet waste is disposed in U.S landfills every year. Similarly, there is another 400,000 tons of carpet waste being disposed in UK landfills. In order to help reduce the waste,  OBJECT CARPET is constantly evolving in order to ensure that their company is recycling properly. In fact, they manufacture under very specific standards in order to minimize its impact on the environment. For instance, the most efficient environmental protection begins with the protection of resources. In other words, their carpets are robust, durable and timeless. This long life cycle of their carpets, from the purchase of the raw material, to manufacturing, to waste disposal, is optimized and effective. However, it is constantly being improved in order to meet new targets.  To illustrate, OBJECT CARPET’s environmental management system consists of:

  • Responsible use of natural resources
  • Compliance of environmental policies
  • Minimized emissions by plants and suppliers
  • Use of water-conserving technology
  • Improvement of energy-efficiency in buildings
  • Use of recyclable resources and materials
  • Health and environmental compatability of their products
  • Avoidance of waste

Accordingly, the material used for the production of their carpets can be recycled in recycling plants. In addition, it can also be chemically reprocessed, or mechanically recycled and processed into secondary plastics or biological insulation. All leftovers of raw material are collected, separated, and completely returned to the product cycle. Certain polyamides can be recycled almost completely!