If you haven’t seen the new OBJECT CARPET products, now is the time!

In an extremely competitive industry, OBJECT CARPET continues to innovate. That’s why it’s no surprise that Ernst & Young named them in their Top 50 Luxury Brands and why Brands Magazine named them a  Brand Of The Century. Every 10 years, OBJECT CARPET rethinks everything, and that time is happening now! But they’re not just dropping and adding a few colors. Instead, they are discontinuing half of their line and replacing them with new introductions. That is no small feat for a company that stocks over 10,000 rolls and partial rolls of carpet! Since this is such a tremendous undertaking, you absolutely should peruse their website or request a new Facts & Inspirations Catalog in order to experience it all!

Highlights of the new OBJECT CARPET products:

Many designs cross-over to residential applications, but are all ASTM rated for commercial use. With the trend to make work spaces softer, the timing is right to explore the new OBJECT CARPET products.

Healthy Materials Programs (HPDs) are available and their products are maintained in Portico. This demonstrates that they are environmentally friendly.

Many new collections and many new designs have been added to the line. For example, they have introduced Sheen. This design has a loop pile with yarn that springs back, feeling like there is padding even when directly glued down in commercial applications.

Eight designs make up the new Places Of Origin Collection, which has immediately received accolades from across the globe. These loop pile designs reflect a bird’s eye view of nature, like fields, canyons, forests, and the ocean.

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Most new designs are available as broadloom and carpet tiles without minimums. Others can be made into carpet tiles from 250 YDS.

Carpet tiles are free of bitumen, PVC, and latex.  Not to mention, their Broadloom is now free of latex too!

New folders are right-sized to fit on library shelves. The spines have information on weight and sound dampening which is a topic of growing concern!

The website houses a Configurator where you can design area rugs from commercially rated carpets, and even download them into your files. Likewise, it allows you to lay out both broadloom and carpet tiles in room scenes replicating retail, corporate, and hospitality settings.

Finally, there is FREESTILE! As the most unique collection of carpet tiles in the industry, they have 16 designs are available in  four colors. Created of high definition printed PET polyester,  these tightly woven tiles offer the longevity and ease of maintenance of resilient flooring. Furthermore, they have the sound dampening of carpet.