New Mark Floor Coverings has the durable flooring that you’re looking for!

DURA WOOD and DURA CRETE, by New Mark Floor Coverings, are the perfect look-a-like flooring solutions!

It can be said that pretty much everyone loves the aesthetics of hard wood. But in some applications, wood can be difficult to maintain. Wood can indent from high heels, furniture, or from moving displays if its being used in a retail setting. In addition, wood has been found to curl upwards when used in hot yoga studios. With all of that in mind, New Mark Floor Coverings has found a solution that is both beautiful and durable!

DURA WOOD has a true look of wood, but is very difficult to indent which allows appearance retention. In addition, it will not buckle or curl in extreme temperature shifts. However, if you prefer a stone visual instead of a traditional wood look, try DURA CRETE!

Both of these beautiful wood and stone visuals were designed with both comfort and safety in mind. The products feature a 5mm recycled rubber underlayment, a 2mm durable vinyl coating, and a Polyurethane coating. Thus, this single fusion-bonded recycled rubber underlayment allows DURA WOOD and DURA CRETE to have improved ergonomics.

Additional Features:

  1. Quiet underfoot
  2. Ergonomic
  3. Minimal maintenance required
  4. Approved to be game line painted
  5. Available in 6’x30′ or 6’x15′ rolls (custom sizes available)
  6. FloorScore Certified
  7. Five year warranty

Available DURA WOOD colors: Oshkosh Oak, Buffalo Beech, Okeechobee Oak, Oakland Oak, Chattanooga Cherry, Mudville Mahogany, Walla-Walla Walnut, Galveston Gray, Pomona Pine, Tallahassee Teak.

Available DURA CRETE colors: Greenville Granite, Seattle Slate.

To request samples, or to place an order of DURA WOOD & DURA CRETE by New Mark Floor Coverings, please contact us at

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