We are like family here at Summit International Flooring (SIF) and we want you to know us like family too!  We are introducing you to different SIF team members.  This way if you need anything (e.g. – advice, assistance) you know you can come to us first; just like family!   

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Name: Stephen E. Hand (Steve Hand)

Title:  Operations Manager

What are your responsibilities with Summit International Flooring (SIF)?

I have many responsibilities here at SIF. My first and foremost responsibility is managing the warehouse. I receive and document inventory that is coming in from different countries and different mills. I also prepare to ship products out as needed. In addition, I receive and maintain sample inventory as well as fulfill sample requests from the field (architects & designers and from our sales force).

Furthermore, I maintain a few clients and contribute to the sales effort.

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Steve Hand managing the warehouse 

What SIF product are you most excited about today and why?

While we have lots of fantastic products, I am most excited about our rubber products and DURA WOOD. I think higher end gym flooring is a great niche market with lots of demand. We have beautiful, long-lasting products that fit with many designs!

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DURA WOOD installed in a commercial gym in NJ.

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A great installation of our rubber flooring, Kaleidoscope. Photo: YB Fitness

Any special project(s) you are currently working on?

I’m currently working on a large and ongoing sales bid for various locations for a large commercial bank.

They plan to change the floors in twenty (20) locations before the end of the year.

I’m also working with several high-end hotels in NYC.


What is your background?  What did you do before SIF?

My background is labor. I started working at a flooring installation company in high school. My first job was in the warehouse. I also drove the trucks to make deliveries. Soon after I started to learn from the flooring mechanics how to install various commercial flooring. I think starting at the bottom and working my way up gave me a good foundation and through all those experiences I have developed insights into the flooring industry.

While away at college I focused on other areas, but after graduation ended up back in the flooring industry, where I felt most at home.  I had 30-years’ experience in labor before joining the SIF family.


What is your current obsession?

I enjoy running, swimming, and staying healthy in general.

On the weekends, I love working in the yard and doing landscape projects but I always make time for church on Sunday morning.

We love spending time in Stone Harbor, NJ where we have a family house. We enjoy a summer vacation there, at least 1 week a year on top of a weekend here or there.  I love the beach and the ocean and hope my wife, Cindy and I find our way there after retirement.

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