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We are like family here at Summit International Flooring (SIF) and we want you to know us like family too!  We are introducing you to different SIF team members.  This way if you need anything (e.g. – advice, assistance) you know you can come to us first; just like family!   

Jed Horowitz


Vice President

What are your responsibilities with Summit International Flooring? My role here at Summit International Flooring is coordinating all flooring projects.  In addition, I manage sales for some national accounts.

What SIF product are you most excited about today and why?  I’m very excited about DURA WOOD. It has the look of hardwood floors, but it’s a soft rubber floor tile.  It’s perfect for athletic studios and gyms.  It’s very attractive, durable, and extremely unique.

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Any special project(s) you are currently working on?  My current project is a 165,000 square foot national wireless company’s headquarters. It’s a big project that has a tight timeframe, but I’m confident that our team will complete the project on time and the client will be extremely happy.


What is your background?  What did you do before SIF?  Prior to entering the flooring business, I worked in sales for national package goods manufacturers and a partner in an in-store advertising company.  I changed careers in 1996 and have been in the flooring business for the last 19 years.

 Tell us about yourself.  What is your current obsession? Tell us about an exciting life experience you’ve had.   I love spending time with my 5 children, two English Bulldogs and my wife of course.

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I also enjoy exercising and working on my 1870 home.  The last project at the house was renovating the sun room. The project entailed all new sheet rock, painting, new tile flooring and lighting.  Now we just enjoy spending time out there.

**Fun Fact: Jed and Dave (President and Owner) have known each other since 1965!  They grew up together, just 4 houses from one another, in Passaic NJ.