We are like family here at Summit International Flooring (SIF) and we want you to know us like family too!  We are introducing you to different SIF team members.  This way if you need anything (e.g. – advice, assistance) you know you can come to us first; just like family!  David Numark;  

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David Numark President What are your responsibilities with Summit International Flooring (SIF)?

As the President, I wear many hats around the office. I manage our in-office employees, stay in communication with my out-of-state sales force, meet with past, present and potential clients, and introduce unique products to the United States. This last part is what I love to do the most. I’m always on the lookout for high-quality, mostly international, manufacturers that want to be represented in America. If they have a unique and luxurious floor covering that I think is beyond incredible, I step in and have Summit International Flooring become their exclusive distributor.

What SIF product are you most excited about today and why?

This is a tough question for me to answer because I love all the products we distribute and all of the fantastic companies that we partner with. However, I will say that I am particularly excited about the new and revamped collection from OBJECT CARPET and the ‘Satara Collection’ from Jacaranda Carpets. In a way, they represent what SIF stands for. We strive to have highest-quality products that are not only unique, but have the durability that people deserve.

Any special project(s) you are currently working on?

To be honest, I am always involved in some sort of project. Currently, I am working with several private universities in order to help them choose flooring that will allow them to stand out from the crowd. On top of that, I’m constantly bringing product to national chains, such as car dealerships and high-end retail stores. Not to mention, I’m constantly working with numerous high-tech companies because they are always looking for that cutting-edge look.

What is your background?

You could say I was born into the carpet business because my father worked in the industry for his entire professional career. I remember, that in 1982, I started my first job was with a local New Jersey carpet distributor. It was during this time that I would drive from North Jersey to Nassau County, Long Island every day to sell their product. For a kid making $15k annually, it wasn’t easy to pay for the daily travel expenses on my own, but I did it. After my time there, I decided that I wanted to be my own boss and create my own business.

What did you do before SIF?

In 1992, I founded my first company, Concorde Flooring Systems. Business quickly took off and we were grossing $25 million a year in sales. In fact, in 1999, my company was ranked by Inc. Magazine as one of the 500 fastest growing private companies in America. Unfortunately, Concorde came to an end in early 2003, due mostly to the lasting effects of September 11th.

I was left with virtually nothing after Concorde closed. Basically, I went from a big office with dozens of employees, to working alone in my basement. I knew I couldn’t let this define me and the legacy I was creating for not only me, but my family. Therefore, I decided to start again but this time, I would do things differently. I started traveling internationally, trying to meet companies that had products that weren’t offered yet in the United States. It was in 2004 that I went to Domotex in Germany and walked out with my first international partner, Van Besouw. Before this, I had no idea about the logistics required to import flooring into the United States. It was a steep learning curve but once I mastered it, I was able to continue to grow my business.

It grew so quickly, that I realized that I couldn’t do it all on my own anymore. So, in 2012, I reunited with Jed, who had worked for me at Concorde. We worked together for a few years, shaping SIF into a profitable and reputable company. Then the rest of my current team came on board, one by one, creating the SIF family we currently have today. Although we all have different backgrounds, we do share the common goal of doing business the right way and creating a brand that represents that.

This business has had its ups and downs, both financially and personally, but like I always say, once you’re in this business, you never get out.

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What is your current obsession?

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My current obsession would have to be my new dog, Rocco. I’ve always been a huge dog lover. However, because of work and other responsibilities, I’ve been without a dog in my life for many years. A few months back, my wife and I were looking online for a small dog to adopt and that is how we got introduced to St. Hubert’s Animal Welfare Center in Madison. When we went to the center, we were greeted by a group of small dogs. All of them had been rescued from a hoarding situation in South Carolina. Out of all the dogs in the bunch, Rocco was being very playful with the others and we fell in love almost instantly with him. Rocco has come a long way in just a few short weeks and loves to be the “office mascot.”

When I’m not playing with Rocco, I do enjoy playing golf. Although I don’t play as much as I’d like to, I can’t resist playing when I have the opportunity. I should also mention that I love to travel and I’m a big fan of sports in general. But most importantly, I am a University of Michigan fan. Both of my sons attended the University of Michigan and I’ve been hooked ever since!

David Numark; David Numark;

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