Jacaranda Carpets and GoodWeave are helping to end child labor in the carpet industry.

According to studies, more than 152 million children around the world are forced into labor. Furthermore, they are forced to work in appalling conditions to supply our global chains. Therefore, GoodWeave was created in the hope of ending child labor in the carpet industry. However, they can’t do it alone. That is why they partner with reputable companies, like Jacaranda Carpets, to ensure that we can reach a day where no child is forced to work instead of going to school.

For Lucy and Richard Meager, the owners of Jacaranda Carpets, running an ethical company was imperative. In fact, they make frequent visits to their mills in India and Nepal in order to push for regular reports with complete transparency down the supply chain from start to finish. Due to their actions and beliefs, Jacaranda Carpets has become one of GoodWeave’s most active supporters and are proud to use their Child-Labor-Free Certification.

“We’re delighted that they plan to promote this message so widely – thank you! Jacaranda has been an active supporter of GoodWeave’s mission to end child-labor in the rug industry since 2004. Richard and Lucy have required that their rugs be ethically produced from the very beginning – it is an essential part of their company DNA. Gaining similar support from other global brands will enable us to end the scourge of child-labor in carpet production and in other manufacturing sectors” – Scott Welker, Director of International Business Development at Goodweave.

The GoodWeave Standard

GoodWeave works hard to end child labor in the carpet industry. As a result, they hope to see a day when no child is made to work instead of going to school. This standard requires complete supply chain transparency verified by regular, unannounced inspections of all production facilities. This standard is reflected by the appearance of the GoodWeave label on goods sold in the retail marketplace. This is a signal to consumers that their purchase has been produced ethically. Additionally,  it shows that the manufacturer is committed to children’s welfare, worker’s rights, and strengthened worker communities. In short, the people at Jacaranda Carpets are proud to work hand in hand with GoodWeave. That is why all their rugs carry the GoodWeave label right next to their own.

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