Van Besouw 2302

The 2302 by Van Besouw is an exquisite addition to their carpet collection, boasting a luscious velvet texture that enhances the overall luxuriousness of any space. Crafted with care, this handwoven carpet is not only visually stunning but also environmentally conscious, as it is made from recycled polyamide yarn, ensuring hassle-free maintenance and effortless cleaning.

  • The ultimate comfort = 2302. The polyamide micro soft yarn gives a high degree of pettability. The degree of shine of the yarn gives a special optical effect to the carpet.
  • Handwoven and made from recycled polyamide yarn
  • Perfect in maintenance and cleaning.
  • Polyamide
    • high-strength fiber
    • easy to clean
    • long lifespan
    • very sustainable
  • Very versatile
  • Very suitable as a made-to-measure rug
    • Carpets are standard equipped with comfortable non-slip fleece backing
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100% Microfiber Polyamide
8 mm Thickness

Van Besouw Brochure
Laying Advice 2302
General Maintenance Manual
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2302-020, 2302-050, 2302-090, 2302-180, 2302-380, 2302-480, 2302-530, 2302-550, 2302-570, 2302-600, 2302-630, 2302-640


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