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The design of OBJECT CARPET Velaa incorporates a captivating graphic structure inspired by the pattern found on sea turtle shells. This design not only provides practical protection for our oceans but also serves as an aesthetically striking feature with immense potential for the future. Available as: Broadloom or Carpet Tile

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Let us protect the seas together!

Two-thirds of the Earth's surface is enveloped by water, forming vast oceans and seas that play a crucial role in regulating the climate, providing habitats, and serving as the foundation of all life. However, this magnificent ecosystem, teeming with immense biological diversity, is currently facing an alarming and imminent threat. Toxic plastic waste and abandoned fishing nets, known as 'ghost nets,' have transformed into deadly traps, ensnaring seals, dolphins, fish, birds, and the magnificent sea turtles.

Recognizing the impending danger of destruction and pollution caused by human activities, it is of utmost importance to take immediate action. In Dhivehi, the official language of the Maldives, the word "velaa" signifies turtle. Inspired by this highly endangered species, OBJECT CARPET has developed a new design exclusively for Healthy Seas, and we have named it VELAA. Every square meter of VELAA carpet produced contributes to supporting this sustainable initiative, specifically focused on protecting our seas and safeguarding the sea turtle population.

Since ancient times, the sea turtle has been revered as a symbol of energy and strength in creation myths. It is considered one of the oldest symbols in the world, representing the harmony between heaven, earth, and water, while embodying the essence of longevity.

Moreover, to actively contribute to ocean conservation efforts, OBJECT CARPET commits to donating 5% of the turnover from each square meter of VELAA carpet sold to the Healthy Seas Project. By doing so, we strive to protect our precious oceans from further harm and promote a sustainable future.

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