Introducing OBJECT CARPET Madra, a remarkable fusion of matte and glossy finishes, resulting in a beautifully intricate mottled effect. The crimped-cut pile not only enhances the overall aesthetic appeal but also delivers outstanding room acoustics, remarkable durability, and an unmistakable sense of elegance. As a true pioneer in acoustic solutions, this exceptional collection from Object Carpet boasts high density and unrivaled versatility, making it an ideal choice for broadloom, acoustic tiles, and customized rugs.

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The curly velours of Madra exhibit an exceptional level of quality, boasting a matte and multi-colored surface that is truly impressive. With a luxurious and dense stitch rate, it surpasses even the most stringent standards. Furthermore, the high-grade Antron® polyamide 6.6 brand fibers used in its construction ensure that the carpet's texture remains intact over the long term, while also minimizing visible signs of wear and tear.

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Bernstein 1111, Burgund 1136, Capri 1106, Cherry 1117, Citrus 1119, Delfin 1133, Eisblau 1108, Englischgrün 1137, Goldregen 1131, Greige 1128, Hermelin 1123, Honig 1110, Indigo 1134, Kaffee 1125, Karibik 1114, Kiesel 1104, Krokus 1122, Leinen 1109, Lichtgrau 1103, Mandarine 1120, Marine 1105, Mocca 1112, Mouse 1102, Mud 1129, Orchidee 1130, Ozean 1113, Red Wine 1118, Reseda 1116, Schiefer 1101, Schwarz 1127, Warmgrau 1132


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