Facts & Inspirations

Welcome to Summit International Flooring, your exclusive gateway to the extraordinary world of OBJECT CARPET’s Facts & Inspirations Collection. As the premier distributor of OBJECT CARPET in the United States, we invite you to embark on a journey of innovation, luxury, and sustainability through this exceptional product category.

Introducing the OBJECT CARPET Facts & Inspirations Collection – a showcase of unrivaled craftsmanship, design excellence, and environmental consciousness. At Summit International Flooring, we take immense pride in presenting this curated selection of exquisite carpets that redefine the concept of flooring aesthetics.

Step into a realm of boundless design possibilities as you explore the Facts & Inspirations Collection by OBJECT CARPET. Our collaboration with this distinguished brand ensures that you, our esteemed clientele, have access to an expansive array of textures, patterns, and colors that resonate with your unique vision. From contemporary chic to timeless sophistication, our collection caters to diverse design preferences, creating spaces that leave an indelible mark.

At Summit International Flooring, our commitment to sustainability aligns seamlessly with OBJECT CARPET’s ethos. The Facts & Inspirations Collection boasts eco-friendly materials and sustainable manufacturing practices that reflect our collective dedication to preserving the environment. Each carpet you discover in this collection is not only a testament to design excellence but also a conscientious choice for a greener future.

Experience the unparalleled advantages of the OBJECT CARPET Facts & Inspirations Collection, exclusively brought to you by Summit International Flooring:

  • Design Innovation: Immerse yourself in design innovation that captivates the senses and transforms spaces. From bold statements to subtle accents, our collection offers an inspiring range of choices that embody creativity and elegance.
  • Craftsmanship Redefined: The meticulous craftsmanship evident in every carpet from OBJECT CARPET ensures that your investment transcends trends. These carpets are designed to withstand the rigors of daily life while maintaining their luxurious allure.
  • Luxurious Comfort: Indulge in the plush comfort that only OBJECT CARPET can provide. Our Facts & Inspirations Collection brings an unparalleled level of comfort underfoot, enriching your spaces with warmth and coziness.
  • Versatile Expression: From residential havens to commercial marvels, our carpets seamlessly adapt to diverse environments, creating a harmonious connection between design elements. Elevate your interiors with carpets that evoke emotions and set the tone.
  • Conscious Living: At Summit International Flooring, we share your passion for responsible choices. The Facts & Inspirations Collection echoes our commitment to environmental stewardship, featuring sustainable materials and manufacturing methods that underscore our dedication to a greener planet.

As the exclusive US distributor of OBJECT CARPET, Summit International Flooring is your gateway to the transformative realm of Facts & Inspirations. Explore our carefully curated collection today and reimagine your spaces with carpets that epitomize design ingenuity and environmental mindfulness. Redefine luxury, inspire innovation, and embrace sustainability – all through the captivating world of OBJECT CARPET, presented to you exclusively by Summit International Flooring.

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  • Object Carpet Allure Sandy 1002

    Allure ♻️

  • Object Carpet Bowlloop Cotton 955


  • OBJECT CARPET Chicc Grasshopper 909


  • Object Carpet Concept One Arena 7308

    Concept One

  • Object Carpet Concept Two Asche 7209

    Concept Two

  • Object Carpet Contract Basalt 1001


  • Object Carpet Cord Web Carobe 1079

    Cord Web

  • OBJECT CARPET Craze X Chase 751

    Craze X Chase

  • Object Carpet Cryptive Black Earth 1892

    Cryptive ♻️