Healthy flooring solutions that are beautiful, too, thanks to Granorte!

It is said that ‘necessity is the mother of invention,’ but necessity also creates new paths and considerations of all things old and new.

In this COVID-19 environment, and beyond, there is a certain type of flooring that meets both the needs and concerns of today’s demand. This flooring is made of cork, which is naturally antimicrobial. In addition, it is sustainable, renewable, recyclable (biodegradable), and all this in a sound-dampening, comfortable, safe, product that inherently brings with it appearance retention.

Granorte Vita Classic Larch Frost 002-03 healthy flooring

Granorte Vita Classic
Larch Frost 002-03

These days, cork can be painted and digitally printed. You can have that look of wood, but not worry about noise or indentation. You can glue it down, but in residential or multi-housing applications you can use floating floors. Because floating floors leave a space between them and the sub-floor, GRANORTE (Portugal), the only supplier in their class to do so, adds MICROBAN® to the underside of the tiles to give the added peace of mind that you are deterring microbes and fungus, creating a healthy indoor environment. GRANORTE is exclusively supplied in the USA by Summit International Flooring. Learn more on Granorte’s website!

Granorte Kenko Ivory 024-08 healthy flooring

Granorte Kenko
Ivory 024-08

Summit International Flooring offers other flooring products that add to the healthy indoor environment as well. For example, Vertisol Fitnice Woven Vinyl (Spain) is antimicrobial, phthalate-free, Floor Score Certified, and can be cleaned with bleach to deter bacteria. We also offer decorative EPDM rubber qualities, which are FloorScore Certified.

Vertisol Fitnice Wicker Swim Healthy Flooring

Vertisol Fitnice Wicker

Should your interest be carpet, rather than resilient flooring, Summit also offers hand-woven wool carpets from Jacaranda Carpet (UK) and machine-woven wool carpets from Van Besouw Carpet (Holland). Wool naturally deters fungus, holds moisture in the wet months and releases it in the dry months, and holds carcinogens for 25 years before releasing them.