RUGXSTYLE by OBJECT CARPET is crossing boundaries when it comes to design.

“Create the unexpected.” That is the motto behind OBJECT CARPET’s stunning collection, RUGXSTYLE. Although this collection is the predecessor to the wildly popular FREESTILE collection of carpet tiles, RUGXSTYLE has developed a life of its own. As a result, the original concept of broadloom carpeting is freed from wall-to-wall thinking and can be used instead for targeted application, allowing the use of area rugs to continue a design theme. However, an evolution of this kind involves change. For example, the shape, colors, and designs had to transform in order to survive. Yet at the same time, they also need to retain their core attributes: irresistible and fascinating optics, durability, and the great environmental characteristics of the recyclable material.

According to OBJECT CARPET, bringing out a rug edition to follow up FREESTILE’s success seemed like a logical move. At any rate, it would help satisfy consumer demand. Nevertheless, creating a new, independent product with an individual voice and functionality was not easy. But with designer team, Kathrin and Mark Patel, they were able to achieve nothing less than perfection when it came to recreating the original designs.

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RUGXSTYLE thrives on dialectics. In other words, it thrives on opposites that don’t normally fit together. For instance, a soft look stands in contrast to an extremely durable and tough surface. Rectangular designs confront circular shapes. The result? Creative possibilities which challenge the imagination. A single rug will draw attention to the spot. In combination with each other or with other flooring material, RUGXSTYLE can be used to give rooms a structure.

With this purpose in mind, OBJECT CARPET has a configurator that allows users to design individual rooms in order to see how RUGXSTYLE would work best in their space. Try it today!

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Highlights of the collection:

– 6 different characteristic designs (Marrakesh, Antwerp, Aberdeen, Amsterdam, Venice, Aarhus); each in two different color shades
– Brilliant in color because of a newly developed digital print process
– Innovative and extremely durable weave structure
– Particularly suitable for commercial interiors
– Easy to care for and fire-resistant
– High-grade, finely-structured surface
– Incredible thin but slip-resistant due to its high inherent weight.