Summit International Flooring not only offers unique flooring options ranging from carpets, rugs, rubber, cork, leather, and woven vinyl, but we also offer several collections of unique wall covering. Granorte Cork creates digitally printed wall tiles and some of the most amazing three-dimensional wall tiles you have ever seen. All of which are sustainable, renewable, recyclable, and naturally antimicrobial.

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Granorte Storywall Jackie Blues wall covering

Granorte Storywall
Jackie Blues 023-30

Beyond sound-dampening cork, we also offer wall products from Vertisol Fitnice Woven Vinyl. These come both backed, for gluing to walls, or unbacked for stapling to MDF board and z-clipping to walls. Easy to clean, without phthalate free and antimony free.

Fitnice Wall Memphis Wall Covering

Fitnice Wall Memphis

Why stop there? How about our own ELEGANCE recycled and embossed leather wall tiles for a rich and elegant atmosphere.  Easy to clean and very durable.  Each color can be stitched or unstitched, and tiles are standard in 18”x18” or 9”x18” sizes, with custom sizes available.

Elegance Wall Tiles wall covering

Elegance Wall Tiles

So what’s next for a company offering luxury FLOOR and WALL coverings?

We have major product development underway for two new, never-before-seen, designs of rubber tiles, and we are working on a collection of luxury carpets and bespoke area rugs for residential and moderate commercial use spaces.

Stay tuned….and know we always appreciate opportunities to help in the success of the designers we serve.

For more information or to order samples, contact Marc Becker, National Sales Director, at 1-877-496-3566