When it comes to flooring colors, the grey trend might be here to stay!

Grey has often gotten the cold shoulder when it comes to choice of color for flooring—with many lively, warming colors available, businesses and residences seem to shy away from what some may think is a dull color.

Yet, with all that said, a grey trend has started in the industry. In fact, it garnered a lot of attention at the Domotex International Trade Fair in Germany. Many vendors had displays set up featuring the newly embraced color, highlighting another option for consumers. Flooring experts have predicted that grey will be a trend for the unforeseeable future, whether it’s for laminated flooring, engineered-wood flooring or carpeting.

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A variety of shades of grey gives businesses and residences the option of complementing other features in the building—such as walls or furniture. Grey can also help soften the stark contrast of bright colors in the nearby surroundings.

In fact, leading flooring companies, such as OBJECT CARPET, are on board with the recent trend. For example, they are now serving up grey as an option in many of their flooring lines. This includes their new Supergraphic High Class collection, designed for any type of room. In addition, we have Netherlands-based Van Besouw which has a variety of flooring options. For example, they have cotton, nylon (polyamide) and wool. Because of the new industry trend, they’ve also added grey to the lineup!

Whichever the company, offering grey gives the customer a legitimate option to tone down any space. Plus, working with colors on the black-to-white scale gives designers the option of creating additional colors such as olive-grey.