In a world obsessed with hardwood floors (and vinyl substitutes), area rugs remain as popular as ever. We often get asked about edge treatment options available as standard and for custom rugs. In no particular order, here are thoughts to consider and a note on which options are available on a brand-by-brand basis:

Serged, Whipped, Overlocked

These are all the same treatments, with different names depending on the country of origin. The machine-sewn edge is typically done with matching or a very closely coordinated color of the rug. Available in bespoke rugs from OBJECT CARPET, Van Besouw Carpet, and Jacaranda Carpets.

Blind Hem Edge Treatment

This binding sits on the edge of the rug, without overlapping the top.  It is discrete and very popular. It is the only recommended treatment for high luster hand woven rugs because most edge treatments are matted and if a matted treatment overlaps a high-luster yarn carpet, there is a contrast that some people do not like. Because a blind hem sits only on the edge, there is no contrast looking down at the rug. Available in bespoke rugs from Jacaranda Carpets and Van Besouw Carpet.

Hand Sewn

This is an edge treatment done by the weavers of handmade rugs in India, of which Jacaranda has had over 15 years of relationships and experience. It is the finish of the hand-woven rugs that are stocked in specific sizes. When ordering these same qualities to bespoke sizes fabricated from stocked broadloom, other options are available. Available in stocked rug sizes from Jacaranda Carpets.

Synthetic Edge Treatment

Synthetic binding is most like cotton binding, but it is a vinyl edge treatment.  While cotton is chosen in many residential applications, synthetic is a good choice for commercial applications where foot traffic is higher for the reason that synthetic is more easily cleaned than cotton. OBJECT CARPET calls their brand “Protect”. When choosing Protect on OC rugs, keep to Protect and not Protect S.  Protect S is more narrow, but does allow us to add an attached felt, non-skid backing which is signature on OBJECT CARPET rugs.  As OC is always conscious of indoor air quality, their nubs on the bottom are free of PVC. Available in bespoke rugs from OBJECT CARPET and Van Besouw Carpet.


Cotton binding is a traditional choice available in many colors and is often added to rugs in residential applications. Available in bespoke rugs from Van Besouw Carpet, Jacaranda Carpets, and OBJECT CARPET.

Special Made Edge Treatment

OBJECT CARPET, known for innovation, offers this treatment where edges are turned over and no binding shows.  This is a great option for rugs in commercial applications, which is where OBJECT CARPET is targeted.  Because rugs are typically vacuumed and the vacuum does not truly clean the binding, bindings show soiling before rugs do. In moderate to heavy foot traffic, for cleanliness, this is a recommended option. Available on bespoke rugs from OBJECT CARPET.


This more contemporary finish offers a more unique and luxurious finish, that is more than often used in lower profile carpets.  Footprints can show in the leather upon use.  Some people like that patina that comes with leather, and others do not like it.  It is used in both lighter-trafficked commercial and residential applications too, but much more often in the residential arena. Available in bespoke rugs from Jacaranda Carpets, Van Besouw Carpet, and OBJECT CARPET.

For more information or to order samples, contact Marc Becker, National Sales Director, at 1-877-496-3566