OBJECT CARPET wants to change the way people think about carpet.

When it comes to flooring, there’s no better choice than carpet! Namely, carpeting is a style that is constantly reinventing itself in order to stay current and fresh. Furthermore, carpet combines warmth and comfort along with sound-dampening acoustics, which makes it ideal for any design. In addition, these characteristics make carpeting ideal for structuring spaces and providing a home with a touch of luxury.

“Carpeting is a style which we see more requests for recently as clients look at all options,” said David Numark, President of Summit International Flooring. “And for those interested in carpet, there are a wide array of selections for all tastes and styles.”

One brand Numark has always been particularly impressed with is OBJECT CARPET. This German-based company presents its premium products in a most appealing, en-vogue manner. Their novel textures, diverse designs, and fresh colors are trend-setting in the area of textile floor coverings and allow extraordinary design ideas to become a reality.

The successful union of aesthetics and function, paired with the company’s long-established quality standard, has won the trust of customers across the globe. Exclusive OBJECT clients have included Marc Cain, Mercedes-Benz, and the Kempinski Grand Hotel in St. Moritz.

OBJECT CARPET Freestile Lugano

Ⓒ OBJECT CARPET Freestile Lugano

Collections from OBJECT CARPET:

The use of innovative materials in conjunction with cutting-edge production technologies makes these unique carpets feasible. Plus they enable them to reflect the visions of OBJECT CARPET’s creative team. Cozy and voluminous shags, purist carpets with a clear geometric logic, and upscale creations with a hushed, plush grace.

A key component of the OBJECT CARPET brand is its vast product line. To enumerate, their line encompasses a thousand carefully selected and precisely coordinated designs and color schemes.

For example, the weave collection, which has won numerous awards, was inspired by powerful natural elements, volcanoes, lava, and pebbles. The special weave techniques engender three-dimensional structures and differing tuft heights to create spatial landscapes and an indoor environment that really seems to come alive, according to Numark. These are ideal for such spaces as offices, hotels, boutiques, or museums.

The Pure Silk line is also one not to be missed. With 2,400 grams of silk per square meter, each carpet is truly unique. Numark considers this line to be a true work of art, as the effect produced by sunlight exposure, and the view from every possible vantage point can continuously change the character of this line.

Furthermore, OBJECT CARPET is also the world’s only company to manufacture high-quality carpets with a metallic look. Loops of ingenious gold and silver yarn adorn these carpets, forge elegant surroundings and harmonize beautifully with modern building materials such as steel, glass, or concrete – also giving this line an ever-changing appearance.

“We’re extremely proud to be an exclusive supplier of OBJECT CARPET to the United States,” added Numark. “It’s a spectacular product, and one of many quality brands we offer our clients.”

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