Take your ideas and turn them into reality with the Fitnice Flooring Composer!

The Fitnice Flooring Composer is perfect for both professional designers and novice decorators! Whether you’re looking to redesign a bathroom or replace the flooring in an office building, you can do it with fitnice!

Although fitnice Flooring is available in five different collections, choosing the right look is easy! Why? Because in addition to being manufacturers of high-quality and high-performance vinyl floors, the employees at fitnice are also designers! In other words, they know what colors and textures are going to look amazing when designing a space. That is why they have developed their fitnice Flooring product as a large set of shapes and colors that architects and interior designers alike can combine to achieve a wide variety of designs, converting any floor into a canvas!

In short, the Fitnice Flooring Composer allows users to experiment with collections, colors, and layouts. To get started, we recommend watching a quick tutorial on how to use the Fitnice Flooring Composer properly!

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As you saw in the video, creativity, design, and technology have combined to create fitnice flooring. However, this PVC-coated polyester thread-woven vinyl flooring is so much more than just a pretty flooring solution! In fact, fitnice is a phthalate- and antimony-free product with a FloorScore® certification.

Furthermore, features of fitnice Flooring include:

  • Wide color palette and range of combinations.
  • Acoustic insulation of up to 15dB.
  • High abrasion resistance, giving the product a long useful life.
  • Easy cleaning and maintenance. It can easily be cleaned with products such as bleach without damaging the fabric.
  • Non-fraying.
  • Flame-resistant properties that comply with the most stringent regulations, especially for the fitnice Marine range, an IMO-certified collection designed for outdoor use and nautical applications.
  • Anti-bacterial properties.