From easy installation to quick cleanup, carpet tiles are a flexible flooring option!

As carpet tiles continue to become a giant player in the flooring industry, more companies are adding it to their catalog to stay competitive. It’s a flexible flooring option for many businesses and residences due to many smart  factors.

Carpet tile is available in many different textures, sizes, shapes and colors, making it a solid choice for many environments. One manufacturer offering the latest in carpet tile is OBJECT CARPET.  This is the only carpet company named on the list of top 50 luxury brands in Germany. The list was compiled after a joint study by Ernst & Young, The Munich School of Business and INLUX (Institute for Luxury). With that in mind, OBJECT CARPET should be the first company you think of for flexible flooring options! In fact, they duplicate a dozen broadloom designs in square-shaped carpet tiles, which are made of polyamide (advanced nylon). This allows the designer to match the environment at hand.

Ease of installation is a strong selling point for carpet tiles. Many styles are produced so that the tiles can easily be swapped out for another. Therefore, designers  have an advantage to easily fix a space should it be worn, damaged, or discolored. It also allows commercial or residential spaces to switch out sections of carpet at a time. This is a benefit especially for spaces such as an office where people are working throughout the day.

“Installation is just as important as style, so it’s definitely something we consider when helping our customers choose their flooring options,” said David Numark. “Getting in and out quickly is often a crucial factor. This is especially important for commercial clients. Carpet tile provides a lot of flexibility.”