Home gyms are an important consideration for luxury interior design. Having the opportunity – and the equipment – to work out from home whenever you want is beneficial – especially given our current environment. There is one home gym component that is often overlooked: flooring. Having high-quality flooring is important to not only protect your subfloor; but also your joints. Rubber flooring is an ideal material for gym flooring, which is why it’s trusted by luxury brands including Peloton and Equinox. Almost every commercial gym uses rubber flooring. Here’s why you should, too.

  1. Rubber flooring is easy to install
    It’s easy to install rubber flooring tiles, mats, or rolls on your own. If you choose to use rolls, you may want to enlist the help of some friends as rubber rolls can be heavy!
  2. Rubber flooring is super durable
    There’s a reason skating rinks choose rubber flooring. It’s so durable; it can withstand sharp ice skates! Expect it to last in your home gym for many years.
  3. Rubber flooring is excellent at absorbing shock and sound
    Are you an early riser, or do you prefer a late evening sweat session? Either way, rubber flooring is an excellent choice for sound absorption. It can also absorb the shock of heavyweights, which can help protect your joints and subfloor.
  4. Rubber flooring is easy to clean
    To keep your rubber flooring pristine, simply run over it with a vacuum or a damp mop. To keep slightly textured decorative EPDM floors looking their best, use an extraction machine – or contact a cleaning company to do the dirty work.
  5. Rubber flooring is water-resistant and antimicrobial
    Let’s face it: hard workouts can get sweaty! Rubber flooring is not only water-resistant – it’s antimicrobial, too. That means using rubber flooring in your home gym will not only help you get healthy – it will help you stay healthy.

Once you’ve decided rubber flooring is the safest, cleanest, and most durable choice for your sweat sanctuary, you need to determine which option is best for your space. There are three types of rubber flooring products to consider, and each comes in a variety of thicknesses:

  1. Tiles
    Tiles are the most common type of rubber flooring product found in home gyms. Not only are they affordable, but they are available in square cut glue down tiles and also interlocking tiles. This is in the event the space may have another use one day, and the original floor is wished to be preserved.
  2. Mats
    Punishment pads are available for under heavy weight use to offer extra protection where needed.
  1. Rolls
    Rolled product is available to show fewer seams, but because rolls are of a lesser thickness, we offer underlayments in gym settings.

Ready to roll? Contact us today! We’re ready to help you select the best rubber flooring product for your home gym