To conquer unwanted sounds, invest in solutions that offer sound dampening!

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The need for sound dampening has become important for many reasons. First and foremost, studies have shown that distractions result in people processing information more slowly, which means decreased productivity. Likewise, since it is less expensive to use an existing structure rather than it is to build a new one, architects are left with figuring out how to utilize that space and make it more conducive to meet today’s demand.

As our clients already know, Summit International Flooring offers unique products that are innovative, in terms of color and texture. But did you know we take a lot into consideration when we chose brands to represent or create product? In particular, we look into products that include the ability to offer HPD’s for LEED projects, and to meet Class 1 ASTM requirements.

However, sound dampening has recently become another criteria that has come to the forefront of our decision making processes. As a result, we now offer a wide array of flooring and wall solutions that can dampen sound and ultimately improve productivity!

Products that offer sound dampening properties:

WELLTEX® consists of recycled PET material, and is free of bitumen, latex, and PVC. Therefore, it’s created without illness-causing chemicals and is low on emission and odor. As a result, WELLTEX® is healthy, sustainable, and quiet!*

All carpets are better than all resilient floors, but OBJECT CARPET specifically offers a Welltex® backing on carpet tiles. Not only is this backing free of bitumen, latex, and PVC, it also offers additional sound dampeing due to the added 2 mm felt backing. Please note, even though the 2 mm felt is standard on some broadloom designs, it can always be added to other designs.

BENTZON CARPET, manufacturer of low profile woven products, offers three different weights of attached felt backings to all of their broadloom offerings.

DURA WOOD and DURA CRETE are rolls of vinyl factory laminated to 5 mm of recycled rubber backing. Not only do they offer sound dampening, but they are comfortable to stand or walk on. In addition, they offer appearance retention that is unmatched by traditional wood or concrete flooring solutions.

Our decorative rubber tile collections, Triathlon 800OpulenceEARTHPRISM, and RUBBERAZZO®, are beautiful and practically odorless unlike other rubber products that are associated with black rubber recycled from car and truck tires. These 10 square foot tiles can be cut to various thicknesses to meet a number of concerns, such as sound dampening.

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Triathlon 800

It has been shown that woven vinyl dampens sound more so than do other resilient products. Therefore, we are pleased to offer rolls and tiles from Fitnice, that will not only contribute to sound dampening, but will also never sprout white threads, unlike many other competitors. This sound dampening backing is also not too soft, which mitigates indentation on the face of the floor, while still lowering ambient and impact sounds.

Finally, Summit International Flooring will soon launch products from the well-known brand, Granorte, to the American market. These sound dampening and comfortable floors go way beyond the traditional cork aesthetic, thanks to their ability to offer painted and digitally printed designs. With product for both floors and walls, these sustainable, renewable floor and wall products will create an oasis of tranquility for hospitality, corporate, and retail environments.