FREESTILE is the next generation in carpet! 

Summit International Flooring is proud to announce that one of their leading partners and manufacturers, OBJECT CARPET, has revealed the next generation in carpet tiles with their newest product line, FREESTILE.  Created using an innovative, flat weaving technique, FREESTILE is a modern carpet tile that’s extremely thin yet durable, environmentally friendly, and extraordinarily beautiful!

Designers Kathrin & Mark Patel have created 16 different designs in 4 respective color schemes.  These beautiful and distinctive patterns and colors are created by using a unique digital printing process. Then each motif is cut into large 50 X 50 cm tiles.  There are no visible repeat patterns, and when installed, all together they create multidimensional character which emphasizes and accentuates patterns.  Plus, FREESTILE tiles can be rearranged to create a new look- each floor an

0168 freestile venice IP02 V01 1
0168 freestile marrakesh IP01 V02 scaled
0168 freestile helsinki IP01 V01 scaled
0168 freestile aberdeen IP01 V01 scaled

OBJECT CARPET went out of its way to create a tile which will set new quality standards in high traffic areas.  Never before has there been a thinner, more durable product that was so easily installed. FREESTILE is robust and minimalistic like a hard surface.  It is easy to care for, as well as fire and fade resistant. On the other hand, FREESTILE has the advantages of textile surfaces as well; such as dampening room acoustics (up to 20% in comparison with other hard surfaces). FREESTILE also creates a high slip resistance as well as pleasant walking comfort.  All these characteristics make it ideal for home or commercial installations, for example hotels, airports, sales rooms, or trade show/convention centers.

Sustainability meets innovative design:

It is important to note that OBJECT CARPET is serious about keeping our Earth green. Therefore, sustainability is always on the top of their agenda when creating new products.  That’s why OBJECT CARPET is proud to announce that FREESTILE is 100% recyclable!  OBJECT CARPET also sets new quality standards, especially in highly frequented walking areas, keeping floor coverings low in emissions and odors. FREESTILE is no exception.  It has been both DiBt and GUT tested and certified.