Hot yoga studios need flooring that can withstand the heat!

With the popularity of hot yoga on the rise, it’s no surprise that there is an abundance of hot yoga studios popping up all over the country. However, you can’t just use ANY flooring for hot yoga studios. To perform hot yoga, one needs to be in a climate-controlled studio. This will make it possible for both the heat and humidity to be turned up. For example, the original hot yoga, Bikram, has temperatures of 105 degrees Fahrenheit and 40% humidity. Although not all yoga studios are as hot, the theory and health benefits remain the same.

In truth, doing yoga in high heat bestows wondrous health benefits that don’t happen in your average yoga studio. For instance, hot yoga makes muscles more limber.  As a result, muscles are easier to manipulate while moving through different moves. This in turn, makes a person more flexible. Secondly, muscles are already warmed up due to the heat which means less warm-up time is required. Above all, practicing yoga in a heated room increases the pulse and metabolism. This allows for blood vessels to become more flexible and in turn, burn more calories!

Best Flooring For Hot Yoga Studios | Dura Wood:

Dura Wood Oakland Oakbest flooring for hot yoga studios

Dura Wood
Oakland Oak

With this in mind, if anyone is looking to turn up the heat, DURA WOOD is the best flooring for hot yoga studios. In fact, DURA WOOD is a great multi-purpose and athletic flooring product. This means it is perfect for any environment that requires comfort and safety. DURA WOOD features a 5mm recycled rubber underlayment and a durable vinyl coating. It is then finished with a Polyurethane coating. In short, this flooring meets the ADA guidelines for slip resistance (ASTM D2047).

Similar to rubber flooring, DURA WOOD also has proven sound control. It also has a high PSI, making it more resistant to indentation than other flooring options. DURA WOOD has undergone testing to be approved for hot yoga studios. Above all, Summit International Flooring will honor the standard warranty should it be used for this application. This will allow you to keep your mind clear while moving from Tree Pose to Downward Dog.

Looking for something more unique flooring for hot yoga studios than a wood look? Check out our DURA CRETE for a more industrial design.