Beautiful interiors deserve innovative flooring solutions like PLANKX!

When it comes to extensive design flexibility, there’s no better option than PLANKX! Unlike a broadloom carpet, if a section of PLANKX should become damaged, those unruly planks can be quickly removed and replaced. As a result, the downtime that is usually associated with replacing flooring is virtually eliminated. In addition, not only are these printed nylon carpet planks beautiful, but they are also extremely functional. Thanks to their excellent sound absorption rating, PLANKX is suitable for open-plan offices, residential apartment complexes, or any location that handles large amounts of foot traffic.

Whether your project calls for a bold pattern, a warm weathered wood, or a cool industrial look, all of the PLANKX qualities were designed to withstand heavy foot traffic, provide high walking comfort, and optimize room acoustics. So remember, if you’re looking for innovative flooring to create that “WOW” factor in your next design, choose PLANKX!


Each plank measures 10” X 40” and can be installed in six different layouts.

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