Award-winning OBJECT CARPET has raised the bar…again!

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Award-winning. High-end. Stunning. Those are just a few of the adjectives that are used when describing OBJECT CARPET. Similarly, only an elite few carpet brands have been revolutionary enough to earn an esteemed award-winning status but OBJECT CARPET has joined the ranks. With this in mind, the standards for flooring industry awards are quite high. As an illustration, many brands of carpets exist and many of these brands are quite popular and well-established. However, it takes a lot to created an award-winning carpet brand that truly stands out from the rest.

OBJECT CARPET has managed to do just that, excelling in multiple categories of judging. It may just be the perfect carpet with its easy-to-maintain design and gorgeous style options. In 2013, OBJECT CARPET was the only contract brand to make the list of Germany’s top 50 luxury companies. Forty years of excellence in the industry coupled with innovation in flooring has led to this prestigious achievement.

The brand was chosen based on brand image and the design and aesthetic appeal of the carpeting. In fact, OBJECT CARPET remains on top because it fills a niche that caters to high-profile clients with upscale designs and materials. Yet at the same time, their designs maintain unparalleled durability for high-traffic areas.

Truly perfect for high-traffic areas or upscale rooms, there’s sure to be a design you’ll fall in love with.