Dog owners don’t have to worry about artificial grass getting soiled!

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With that in mind, dogs are still free to ‘use’ the lawn in the same way as they would with a regular grass lawn. In truth, urine and solids will not harm or discolor the synthetic grass. Then when it comes to cleaning dog waste, it can just be picked up and disposed of. (A process that dog owners have done countless times.) In addition, if the synthetic grass has been installed correctly, urine will drain away through the artificial lawn without leaving an odor. However, it is recommended to occasionally hose down an artificial lawn as part of the usual maintenance process.

In addition to regular clean ups, it is also recommended to brush the lawn to ensure that the synthetic fibers remain in an upright position. Likewise, brushing will remove the build-up of dog hair that may pile up. For instance, to remove dog hair, it is best to sweep with the direction of the pile. To do this, grab a soft broom and start at one end of the lawn. Then, in one continuous motion, and without lifting the broom from the grass, push the broom along the length of your lawn. Another, perhaps easier, alternative is to use a garden vacuum, but a broom will do the job just as well.

Dog owners rejoice! Artificial grass, like GrassLand 30, is the best thing to happen to your lawn! No more muddy paws or bald spots appearing on the grass after a bathroom break! In fact, artificial grass solves problems that most lawns would experience by having a dog present. Plus, dogs will still have the same amount of fun playing on an artificial lawn! In other words, it’s a win-win situation for man and their best friend!

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