We predict that we will have the must see collections of NeoCon 2018!

Summit International Flooring has been attending NeoCon for decades. It is during this  three-day event that the industry’s major manufacturers, as well as hot emerging companies, showcase thousands of new products and services. From furniture, to flooring, and all the categories in between, there is always something new to see. Yet after years of spectating, we decided it was our time to shine. Therefore, in 2017, we set up our first exhibit at the event. Although it wasn’t the biggest booth, it certainly was one of the most unique. That was due in part to the wonderful brands that we were privileged to promote. But since this event serves as the commercial design industry’s launch pad for innovation, we knew we needed to be even more spectacular for NeoCon 2018! For that reason, we decided to highlight five stunning collections from OBJECT CARPET.

If you’re attending NeoCon 2018 this June, you will find us on the eleventh floor! But for those that can’t attend the biggest event of the year, feel free to visit our NeoCon profile for more information.

1. Places of Origin

The highlight of the new 2018 collection is Places of Origin. All eight designs, both in broadloom and SL-Tiles, are inspired by nature. Furthermore, they are made using 100% regenerated ECONYL® yarn which makes them extremely durable. Plus, they have a lasting textile flooring which features an excellent ecological balance. Not to mention, all eight designs are free of bitumen, latex, and PVC. Moreover, since the carpets bind fine dust, they are suitable for allergy sufferers. Finally, not only is it consumer friendly, but it is Earth-friendly.

2. Colored Pearl

What comes to mind when you think of pearls? Opulence? Luxury? Well OBJECT CARPET has captured those attributes and created a carpet like no other. The colorful space presents itself as a string of pearls that is stylishly arranged. With its powerful color fibers, the Colored Pearl tufting loop creates versatile design options for every room concept. Whether in the residential, hotel or commercial sector, this high-quality product sparkles with the best properties in terms of dirt and stain resistance.

3. Freestile

Freestile is the next generation in carpet tiles. An innovative flat weaving technique gives the floor covering its trim, modern, and extremely hard surface. Yet it still preserves all the advantages of textile floor coverings with regards to both comfort and health. Freestile is not only robust and minimalistic, but it also includes the enhancement of room acoustics. According to testing, it is up to 20% in comparison with other hard surfaces. Furthermore, it has a very high slip resistance which is a sought-after element in interior design.

4. Web Rips

The four qualities from the Web Rips collection are beautiful woven products from OBJECT CARPET. Being modest, quiet, and balanced, they support any kind of interior design. They feature everything you can expect from commercial flooring including a fine and sensitive appearance, extreme durability, and many awarded certifications. Plus, thanks to the high-tech fibers, these woven carpets are extremely sturdy. This makes it ideal for areas that need to stand up to heavy foot traffic.

5. Sheen

As an absolute trendsetter in every area of application, Sheen sets the bar high for beautiful carpeting. The unique long pile loop comes in 16 delightfully warm metallic nuances to endow every room with an avant-garde charm. Whether you choose from Sundowner, or Abyss, you’re going to get a stunning color with an underlining metallic luster effect. Due to this high-quality look, Sheen is perfect for any high-end design.