Unique flooring is the perfect way to make sure your luxury space fully demands attention. Flooring that is unexcepted, different, and definitely attention-grabbing is the focal point of the room. Use these tips to make sure when they leave, the space stays with them.

Unique Flooring Tip #1: Patterned

Flooring doesn’t have to be solid! Unique carpet with patterns adds excitement to a space and creates intrigue. From OBJECT CARPET, Shari lightens the mood and makes a statement. Their Aberdeen line offers a classic style and calming tone.

OBJECT CARPET FORUM Shari 0104 Woven unique flooring

Shari 0104 Woven

Tip #2: Color

The floor is the anchor of the room, and that anchor can be doesn’t have to weigh a room down! Liven a room with a bright color. Set the tone with a jewel tone. Explore the wonderful world of color. Poodle, by OBJECT CARPET, is a modern-day shag carpet, suitable for commercial or residential projects, and is available in over 60 colors.

Object Carpet Poodle unique flooring

Ⓒ Object Carpet Poodle

Tip #3: Rubber

Easy on the feet, easy on the earth, and easy on the eyes. Rubber flooring has many great benefits and is offered in many color combinations. Visit our Color Conductor to make a mix of combinations for yourself. 

rubberazzo® Install Pinata unique flooring

Rubberazzo Install

When your project demands unique flooring in textures and colors not found elsewhere, make sure to give us a call!

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