EARTH allows you to get back in touch with the basics.
Comprised of EPDM rubber and cork, the EARTH Collection brings a beautiful new look to the world of rubber floors.

In addition to the normal benefits of rubber flooring (soft underfoot, slip resistant, and acoustic dampening) it provides soft, muted, natural colors which is creates a perfect canvas for any design.
Choose from interlocking or square cut (glue down) tiles in a wide array of different thicknesses (Square cut tiles are available in: 4 mm, 6 mm, 8 mm, 10 mm or 12 mm. Interlocking tiles must be a minimum of 8 mm).

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Please note: EARTH is composed of 100% EPDM rubber and cork crumbles in solid and near solid colors. Due to natural characteristics of the rubber, some tiles may vary in color. This includes, but is not limited to: shading from tile to tile; shading within individual tiles; a framing effect in which darker pigments will form around the border of the tile. Although these are not considered to be defects, in order to combat these natural occurrences, Summit International Flooring recommends dry laying the tiles before installation. If any tiles show more shading or framing than others, it is suggested that these tiles are placed under furniture or against walls where they are likely to be cut.

Decorative EPDM rubber floors have a slight texture, so the proper way to clean them is with an extraction machine that incorporates rotating brushes. Between extractions, vacuuming will help, and most stains can be spot cleaned with Soft Scrub and a sponge.

Production runs can have slight dye lot differences, and will match samples as closely as possible.


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1102 Snow White
1107 Silver Coin
1108 Shark Skin
1110 Country Path
1104 Rice Paper
1111 Sand Storm
1105 Dune Buggy
1106 Gravel Pit
1103 Midnight Oil
1109 Crow's Nest

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