Vertisol Fitnice Flooring

Vertisol Fitnice woven vinyl is modern artwork for the floor, and is designed to be a quality above others in the market segment.  The woven structure will remind you of the horizontal and vertical layout of grape fields, playing on the rich history of Spain, but the finished product has a minimalistic, sleek, clean appearance that is so desirable today. In addition to the look of the designs, the performance will satisfy thanks to technology. Our product is wrapped around a monofilament so it never frays white threads. Additionally, our backing is soft enough to dampen sound, yet firm enough to mitigate indentation on the face of the floor.

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  • Chroma Ash, Pure White, Golden Beach


  • Memphis Custard + Night + Pewter + Sky Blue


  • Fitnice Panama Uno + Seis


  • Fitnice Pobo Terroir


  • Vertisol Fitnice Wicker Float outdoor flooring