As the name suggests, Vertisol Fitnice Wicker is a wicker-weaved look-alike design. Available in neutral and earthy tones, Wicker brings a sense of light and a naturally textured appearance to any flooring installation. Tile formats of diamonds, planks, and squares are used most effectively when designed in quarter turn or brick format. Also available in raised floor formats and larger sizes of 1m plus.

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Some of the main features of Vertisol Fitnice Flooring are:

  • Low profile, minimalistic, clean modern look.
  • Colors to coordinate with other interior finishes and cross over to outdoor installations.
  • Sound dampening of up to 15dB
  • Hard-wearing for maximum appearance retention
  • Easy cleaning and maintenance. It can easily be cleaned with products such as bleach without damaging the fabric
  • Non-fraying: Will never fray white threads
  • Flame-resistant properties that comply with the most stringent regulations
  • Anti-bacterial properties
  • High-degree of lightfastness

Wicker Product Specifications
Fitnice Brochure | Fitnice Woven Vinyl Flooring Catalog
Fitnice Warranty
Fitnice EPD
Fitnice Floor Extended Manual for Installation: Roll | Tiles | Shapes

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