Vertisol Fitnice Essential vinyl wall covering is the perfect combination between functionality and design. Fitnice has developed a comprehensive solution with excellent abrasion resistance and durability in an extensive palette of colors and textures.

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Some of the main features of Vertisol Fitnice Wall Cover are:

  • Excellent abrasion resistance, giving the product high durability
  • Wide range of colors and textures
  • Compliant with the most stringent fire regulations
  • Fitnice wall cover is very easy to clean and maintain, even bleach washable
  • Free of phthalates, a component used in certain PVC products and potentially harmful to humans
  • Surface with high friction resistance, making it an ideal product for high-traffic environments

Essential Product Specifications
Vertisol Fitnice Wall Catalog
Vertisol Fitnice Wall Warranty
Vertisol Fitnice Wall Installation Guide
Vertisol Fitnice Wall Maintenance Guide

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AFC Trigo White Cinder, Brick, Ebony Brick, Ebony Bronze Tarmac, Ebony Grey, Ebony Grey Green, Ebony Petrol, Ebony Pine, Grey Grey Blue, Marengo Pebble Terroir Escala, Nude, Ochre, Pearl Brick, Pearl Grey, Pearl Grey Blue, Pearl Grey Green, Pearl Nude, Pearl Ochre, Pebble Tortora, Petrol, Pine, White Grey, White Grey Green, White Ochre, White Pearl


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