The stunning metallic aesthetic of OBJECT CARPET’s Glory collection is achieved through meticulous processing of the high-quality Antron® fiber material. These fibers undergo a rigorous certification process, ensuring the creation of durable carpets that stand the test of time. Whether used as broadloom, acoustic tiles, or custom rugs, the luxurious frisé velour not only captivates visually but also enhances the acoustics of any space. The Antron® Polyamide 6.6 brand fibers, with their enchanting metallic luster, beautifully accentuate the material’s density and create a strikingly expressive appearance.

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Available as: Broadloom | Carpet Tile | Rug

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Aluminum 1512, Aquaruis 1509, Bambi 1516, Crystal 1519, Ebenholz 1514, Flieder 1502, Gold 1501, Jade 1518, Lichtgrau 1505, Mauve 1517, Perle 1504, Quarz 1515, Ruby 1502, Sand 1506, Smoke 1513, Smoke 1513, Teddy 1507, Thymian 1510, Tinto 1520


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