There is a “buyer’s triangle” that is seldom perfectly complete….until now. That triangle has three points; Quality, Service, and Price. Typically, purchase decisions are made on reaching two of those points. That is because high-quality, fairly priced products usually have a long lead time, whereas readily available, well-priced products are of commodity quality, etc.

SUMMIT INTERNATIONAL FLOORING has now solved the “Buyers Triangle” by stocking high-quality, fairly priced products in our New Jersey and Georgia warehouses for quick shipping. With three categories of products in stock, we can now help satisfy projects in various segments of the market, as follows.

Granorte Cork

After a long period of vetting, we have partnered with Granorte Cork, one of the oldest companies in the business, to launch their brand directly into the USA market. Options include natural cork, pained cork, and digitally printed cork to allow a style for everyone. While available in a glue-down format, we are stocking the floating floors of 10.5 mm thickness for quick shipping. The reason for this stock is because cork addresses the concerns of the day. It is sustainable, renewable, recyclable, and naturally antimicrobial.

Quick Ship Indoor/Outdoor Turf

Demand for indoor/outdoor turf has grown year after year, starting nearly ten years ago with the draughts on the west coast. Around the same time, corporations trended towards converting indoor spaces to relaxing outdoor-like spaces. We offer the most realistic-looking & feeling turf available for people who want a beautiful, year-round lawn – without maintenance. We currently have a drainage system to allow this realistic turf to be installed on rooftops, balconies, terraces, etc, so water drains through the surface and under the system to be released away in the same way that typical rain drainage would. Dead rooftops can now become amenity spaces, adding value to tenants and adding revenue to owners. Our turf is in high demand, which is why we’ve begun stocking it in 13’2” widths. View our quick-ship turf products here.

New Mark Carpet

The past few years have changed the home/workplace dynamic, and many people now work at least part of their time from home.  As a result, many want to spruce up their home. We learned that one of the strongest categories of carpets and rugs became that of hand-woven qualities with patterns. The issue is that these are not woven in the USA and the lead times could be as long as 20 weeks.

For this reason, we are now stocking these high-quality carpets in wool and other quality fibers in our Georgia warehouse. We can ship as broadloom, or we can fabricate them into bespoke area rugs with either machine or hand-serged edges. We stock these under our own brand, New Mark Carpets.

The quality of the three above categories is outstanding. The prices are very reasonable. The service is tremendous because you get the standard white glove service you know from Summit International Flooring, with expedited delivery to keep up with your project schedule. With the Buyer’s Triangle complete, purchasing from Summit International Flooring becomes an easy decision.