New Mark Carpet

New Mark Carpet, by Summit International Flooring, offers handwoven wool carpet with beautiful patterns and coordinating solids.  This collection is the first from New Mark Carpet and is perfect for residential projects.

The wider widths allow for many spaces to be installed without seams.  The fine solid color wool designs coordinate to create borders or to offer visual flow into adjacent spaces. Making Volume 1 even more unique is that the patterned designs are stocked in our USA warehouse for immediate shipping.  Area rugs of bespoke sizes can be fabricated, and we can even fabricate with hand-serged edges to keep rugs of the hand-woven designs authentic.

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Venetian Grey
Venetian White
Venetian Blue
Venetian Silver
Augusta Blue
Augusta Grey
Augusta White
Augusta Silver
Renaissance Blue
Renaissance White
Renaissance Grey
Renaissance Silver
Chateau White
Chateau Blue
Chateau Grey
Chateau Silver
Plato Silver
Plato Blue
Plato Grey
Plato Sand
Plato Doe
Delta Grey
Delta Blue
Delta Cream
Delta Earth
Mantle Blue
Mantle Cream
Mantle Earth
Mantle Grey
Skyline Charcoal
Skyline Blue Grey
Skyline Cloudy Grey
Skyline Steel Grey
Tweed Lake
Tweed Dust Blue
Tweed Bark
Tweed Chalk
Tweed Copper
Sojonia Alpaca
Sojonia Dolphin
Sojonia Seal
Sojonia Owl
Sojonia Koala
Sojonia Camel
Sojonia Hedgehog
Sojonia Otter
Sojonia Aardvark
Sojonia Mantis
Sojonia Macaw
Sojonia Heron
Sojonia Wolf
Sojonia Panther

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