GrassPartners specializes in the development and production of artificial grass turf, manufactured to the highest standards in Holland. All GrassPartners products provide a realistic grass look and feel while ensuring efficient drainage. Artificial turf makes life easier and more enjoyable with no watering, weeding, or mowing – and all products are guaranteed to last.

Often installed in: Landscaping, Rooftops, Patios, Terraces, Health Clubs, and Sports Centers.

Check out a recent rooftop install of our Grasslands 30 turf on Youtube!

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Artificial grass is becoming a more popular choice for campsites, schools, and commercial buildings. This is a logical development because artificial grass is now indistinguishable from real grass, offers a safe playing surface, and is maintenance-free.

Collections available exclusively through Summit International Flooring include;

  • GP Universal
  • Grasslands 30
  • Endless Summit

Installation Photos

GP Green

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1 GP Green
2 GP Blue
3 GP Red
4 GP Yellow
5 GP Terracotta
6 GP White
7 GP Black Grey
8 GP Black
9 GP Teak
10 GP Ship Deck
1 Grasslands 30
01 Endless Summit

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